A highly talented musician and song writer in his own right he also toured the world for five years with Bananarama. Facing death after a serious illness in 2001 Ian felt the touch of the Lord on him and made a truly miraculous recovery. Now whilst Ian continues his normal music career he is a committed Christian and long term member of Rhema Church in London which has enabled him to write and perform his own unique, radio friendly style of contemporary Christian music. Tracks from his new album Believer, shortly to be released by Spirit Music, have already made the Crossrhythms top ten radio plays and the album itself is already pre sold into six European countries apart from the UK as well as creating major interest in the USA. Sponsored by Spirit Music who promises to present amazing and uplifting music from Ian as he performs with his full band of four great backing singers and four top musicians. Each event coincides with his brand new album ‘Believer’ that can also be purchased via check us out now and book Ian to perform near you.


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